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a ceramic bowl with leaves painted on it
Vintage Gyozen Kyoto Ware Pottery Small Plate Japanese | Etsy
Vintage Gyozen Kyoto Ware Pottery Small Plate by vintagedazzle
a black crocheted bag sitting on top of a white table next to a piece of cloth
Granny Square Boho Top, Crochet, Sweater Women Fashion, Patchwork Sweater, Knitted Crochet, Boho Style Sweater, Hippie Festival - Etsy
Granny Square Boho Top Crochet Sweater Women Fashion | Etsy Puerto Rico
three handmade christmas cards with deer and trees on them, one is green and the other is blue
Making seasonal cards with Gelli Arts ® printing plates
a yellow and white mosaic planter with blue flowers in it
New Zealand Pottery and Crown Lynn with Valerie
By Valerie Ringer Monk, author of two books about Crown Lynn. Interesting & useful info re historic & retro New Zealand china. Lots of nice images.
a person is cutting leaves with scissors on a piece of paper that has been cut into smaller pieces
Leaves printed with bleach
the leaves are stroked with bleach and pressed against a background of black ink
a white christmas tree cut out on top of a piece of glass with a brown background
Barbara Gray's Blog. One Day at a Time.: A simple Gelli Plate technique.....
stamping with ink and 3 round geli printing plates - product images are not included
Printing Projects
Gelli™ Stamping: Layered Circles WOW! Gelli plates in three ROUND sizes!! Triple the fun for stamping circle prints! Watch this fast-paced video showing the 4", 6" and 8" round plates in action — on an art journal spread with layered, overlapping circle stamped images!
three paintings are shown on the floor next to each other, one is blue and yellow
Barbara Gray's Blog - Stamping with the Gelli plate as your ink pad!