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@Michelle Stawicki, this is with you in mind...dixie cup light garlands!

DIY Dixie Cup Light Garland -hang in backyard trees/ garden area. -pack of 100 Dixie Cups -scissors & an X-acto knife -scrapbook paper in desired colors -white Christmas lights (LED is best) -double sided tape -a pencil

Great use for old wine bottles

Since I kill plants on a regular basis, this would be a wonderful addition to my indoor gardening! I've seen plastic versions, but I'd rather not grow edibles in BPA. Self-watering planter made from recycled wine bottles.

Rogerseller Presents : The Art of Colour. | yellowtrace blog

Yellowtrace Promotion // Rogerseller Presents : The Art of Colour. Typographic Sculptures with string!

string typography

designed-for-life: “Yellowtrace Promotion // Rogerseller Presents : The Art of Colour. “We wanted to bring colour to life in a really unexpected way. Using string as a medium allowed us to introduce.

Olive Oil Candles-a jar,a wick,a papperclip or piece of wire and some olive oil(and maybe some herbs or essential oil for scent) are all you need to make smokeless candles!

DIY Olive Oil candle- clean burning, no chemicals, super easy to make and personalize with your own scent // Little House Living