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The Green Cedar Bus - interior of converted school bus
Love this clever storage idea for the can food in my kitchen! More
Lovely old 1957 bedford. Second storey has been added.
hexagon-white-ink-over-all-black-guys-quarter-sleeve-tattoo.jpg (479×599)
love this counter layout so much. and restores my faith that i can fit my peace lily!
Well I won't be wasting any hot water, unless it's circulating thru a hose from the sun. The layering looks smart though. Maybe add a Pvc spigot on the bottom to drain the liquid to add to compost tea for watering garden.
i want one in my kitchen at home!
Build a Composting Toilet System with a Flush Toilet Homesteading - The Homestead Survival .Com
Man With Abstract Geometric Dotwork Spine Tattoo