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This GIF that will mean you’ll never feel happy again.

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This fuckery.

The Worst Gumball Machine Ever! Gumballs and Bouncing balls Mixed Together. So Smart! Red and Silver Prize Machine, Quarter style

This ingenious immorality.

Funny pictures about My Favorite Soap Prank. Oh, and cool pics about My Favorite Soap Prank. Also, My Favorite Soap Prank photos.

This demonstration that, yes, advertising could be more annoying.

Check out some of the best car pranks. Every car prank form this author really was well though and brings tons of fun to everybody who watches it.

This prank that actually ends up with someone having to take care of living things for a very long time.

A prank on cabin drawers! ( If you can't tell it's a plastic bag taped to the drawer with real fish )