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sistine chapel ceiling

"Michael Angelo" painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, Vatican City, Italy. **I am pinning this because of the way they spelled "Michelangelo!

Collioure, France.

Beautiful Collioure ~ is a favorite destination in the South of France. With the Pyrenees Mountains, narrow old streets, art trails, the castle, and beaches

Vue sur mer à Majorque

Sea views in Mallorca These are the architect Rafael F. Rigó, and the interior designer Andrea Pussin, Organic Studio, who realized this home in Majorca, using the sea views and the horizon as a design key elements. The large terrace is one of the main ho

love one tree hill

"So I've been thinking about this whole being happy thing, and I feel like people get lost when they think of happiness as a destination." -One Tree Hill

I'm still cracking up!

I'm not evil. I'm a Woman. When I'm mad, I'm a sadistic demon-spawned pixie sent from hell to eradicate the male sex from this frigid wasteland we call Earth. Oh, but when I'm happy. bake cookies and shit