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My large Brazilian snake don't want Catholicism unless you've got white bunnies Shan yu -- nailed it

fairy tail

Technically there are FOUR Lucy's. Edolas Lucy, furture Lucy, Gemini Lucy, and normal Lucy. Also there is 7 dragon slayers and 5 'cats'


Yep run for lives from all of Fairy Tail If u hurt someone in their guild or ruined erza's cake.

I love orchestra band kids xD

Dealing with dramatic teenage cellists. 25 Problems Onl People Who Have Played In a School Orchestra Understand


I laughed but then i cried because i remembered my mother actually saw the event live when the first teacher was going to space. So yea. Not perfect, more like traumatic. But at least they got it right after that o_o 《 o_o I laughed at the post though.

Tumblr comments get me every time

Either I'm overtired, or this is really funny. Either way, there are tears in my eyes from laughing so hard. <<< Lost it at the popsicle cat