Nigel Brown - Gains and Losses USE OF TEXT ONLY

-texture -line -colour -size -tone -unity -contrast -shape -space -form -balance

Nigel brown marriage of convenience

Nigel Brown displays a lot of density and unity creating traditional art, using many matching colour with a lot of rhythm.

Nigel Brown . Peace Aotearoa

Peace Aotearoa Element: line, color, shape, space, text Principles: proportion

Nigel Brown Biography

This is an example of what not to do with placement of text within the margins of the rules of design. WAVES no, depressions yes. This picture resembles a bunch of letters (I, M, A) With a light shading to make the picture

Nigel Brown Biography

-size -shape -form -value -proportion -colour -contrast -space

NIGEL BROWN Home Gardener No. 2 (1989)

NIGEL BROWN Home Gardener No. 2 elements are line patterns, mark, tone principle are composition, variety, balance

Nigel Brown Table Series VIII 1975 Oil on board

this a strange looking painting but also looks interesting at the same time, it has rhythm, balance and unity.

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