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an old black and white photo of a woman
The Mysterious Death of Starr Faithfull Reveals the Sordid Secret of a Boston Mayor - New England Historical Society
On June 8, 1931, the bruised body of beautiful socialite Starr Faithfull was found on a deserted Long Island beach. The cause of her death was never discovered, but a Boston mayor's sordid secret was revealed.
two pictures one with a ship and the other has a man in uniform on it
Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour has been found in the United States
Archaeologists believe they have found the scuttled remains of Captain Cook's HMS Endeavour in Newport Harbour, Rhode Island. The ship was last sighted 230 years ago.
an old house with a large tree in the front yard
Haunted Trees of New England
Illuminating Shadows: Haunted Trees of New England
an aerial view of construction in the city
Shipwreck From 1800s Found Buried Under New Building Site In Seaport District
Shipwreck From 1800s Found Buried Under New Building Site In Seaport District
a red and white light house sitting on top of a pier under a cloudy sky
The Haunted Borden Flats Lighthouse
The Haunted Borden Flats Lighthouse | Flickr - Photo Sharing!
an old red brick building with two towers
Massachusetts mansion's price of $525,000 includes ghosts
Historic Massachusetts mansion's $525,000 asking price includes ghosts in the attic | masslive.com
an old black and white photo of a large house in the middle of some trees
Homepage - Vermont Stories, News, Country Stores and State
VT Haunted Inns - Highgate Manor Inn. "The Keyes family owned the Manor until 1870 when the home was sold to Dr. Henry Baxter. As was the custom of the day, Dr. Baxter opened his practice in his home, The Highgate Manor. Bloodstains from his operating table are still visible on the wood floor in what is now the Library. It was during this time that the legend of the Highgate Manor started to grow. Many of Dr. Baxter’s children did not live past the age of ten and died of strange illnesses."
a large stone sitting on top of a pile of rocks next to a forest filled with trees
"The Witch Stone," c1723, Newbury,Massachusetts (This most unusual stone is part of a very old stone wall around an historic property)
a white house sitting next to a body of water
Informasi dan Berita Mercusuar Terbaru dan Terkini Hari ini - www.lighthouse.cc
Prospect Harbor Lighthouse in Prospect Harbor, Maine. The name of the cottage beside it is: Gull Cottage, which made it onto "America's Most Haunted Lighthouses". It has a mischievous spirit. It just moves the figurines in the window & walks around after everyone has gone to bed. We lived 1/8 of a mile from the harbor when we were stationed at Winter Harbor Naval Base (which has since closed down). I treasure the days that we lived in Prospect Harbor, Maine.
a ship sailing in the ocean on a foggy day
americanghostsandhauntings.com -&nbspThis website is for sale! -&nbspamericanghostsandhauntings Resources and Information.
Off the coast of Maine in particular the Harpswell area in Casco Bay, there have been sightings of a phantom ship that has no crew. It has been pursued and observed in peacetime but no one has ever been able to approach it, mostly because it disappears into thin air. Read the full story>>
a large red house with lots of windows
Deep River Public Library, Deep River – Damned Connecticut
The Damned Story: The Deep River Library is your typical small-town New England public library, housed in a charming older building and home to books, research materials and … otherworldly spirits? That’s what they say — or whisper. It is a library, after all. Shhh! - See more at: http://www.damnedct.com/deep-river-public-library-deep-river/#sthash.zzGDftoG.dpuf