New England Cemetery Folklore, Legends & History

New England gravestones and graveyard folklore. Superstitions, symbolism and stories from the oldest burial grounds in the United States photographed and…
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many pine cones are scattered in the forest
Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery, Tewksbury
Creepy-chusetts, Strange-chusetts: Tewksbury State Hospital Cemetery, Tewksbury
an old letter with writing on it and a tree in the middle is next to a sign that says $ 278 35
Julia Morse gravestone memorial. Maine.
an old grave marker in the grass
College Students Are Annotating Their Campus Monuments With Notes on Slavery
The historic gravestone of Cicily, "servant to Reverend M. William Brattle," in the Old Burying Ground in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
a monument with a face and beard on it
Joseph Palmer (1789-1873) - Find a Grave Memorial
Joseph Palmer, buried in Massachusetts. Persecuted for wearing a beard. Fascinating cemetery story!
an old tombstone with writing on it
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The Farber Collection is the largest archive of New England Colonial gravestones. It is sponsored by the American Antiquarian Society. Most of these gravestones are labeled and marked, and can be located with a bit of effort. Look for patterns in the shapes, symbols, and carvings, as well as the choice of materials from region to region.
an old cemetery with snow on the ground
Bennington, Vermont
Bennington, Vermont. Robert Frost's grave.
a white car statue sitting on top of a cement slab next to headstones
Granite Sculptures of Hope Cemetery, Barre, Vermont
Joey Laquerre Jr's race car. Barre VT gravestone.
an old painting with a clock and tree in the foreground, on a white wall
The Rhode Island Historical Society - Elizabeth Seamans gravestone 1795
a cemetery with many headstones and red leaves on the ground in front of it
“New England contains some of the oldest gravestones in the United States today, with some that date back to the 1600s.” Click image to read more from Roxie about Halloween history, New England cemeteries, and legends & lore.
two tombstones with faces and heads on them sitting in the grass next to each other
Portsmouth, NH graves.
an old photo of a small church in the woods
Winchester Family Tomb, Mount Auburn Cemetery
Winchester Family Tomb, Mount Auburn Cemetery by George Eastman House, via Flickr
a close up of a sign on the side of a building with clouds in the background
New England headstone. #cemetery #gravestone #headstone