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If you support #abortion "rights," you are for violating the autonomy of little human beings. #prolife

Death penalty is the ultimate denial of human rights. It is the premeditated and cold-blooded killing of a human being by the state. This cruel, inhuman and degrading punishment is done in the name of justice. It violates the right to life as proclaimed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Today is Human Rights Day. This is a day to remind us of how far we have come in protecting human rights, and also, how much more work we need to do to safeguard human rights for everyone. #respect

This poster outlines Article 1 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights. In a landmark decision the Geneva-based U.N. Human Rights Council voted in favour and endorsed the rights of gay, lesbian and transgendered people in a UN gay rights protection resolution for the first time ever on Friday, 17 June, 2011.

"Freedom is not worth having if it does not connote freedom to err. It passes my comprehension how human beings, be they ever so experienced and able, can delight in depriving other human beings of that precious right." Mohandas K. Gandhi

I feel so painful about this, the nations should decide to use the money that use to buy guns to the war and use it for helping to destroy the poverty.

An educated girl is our secret weapon in the fight against global poverty. #Education

70% of the world's poor are women. UNDP #women #poor #projecthannah - why we need feminism

Not necessarily in Africa but I would love to volunteer and help children in poverty or with disabilities. I have been teaching poor children in Colombia ( a beautiful country) and it makes me happy being able to make them escape their daily troubles and poverty. We have founded an organisation for them and our goal is to make them advance in life so they can become something after college and not get involved in drugs or stuff like that.

Abandoned girl in Hong Kong, 1960s photo by Dennis Stock .......THESE PICTURES ARE MUCH TOO SAD ........POOR CHILDREN......YES, WAR IS --HELL--.......ccp