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the silhouette of a woman playing violin in front of a window with long shadows on it
Poppy Litchfield: A Thousand Boy Kisses
the volleyball players are trying to hit the ball
a woman jumping up to hit a volleyball ball on the beach at sunset or sunrise
>>>>>>>>> volleyball perfect
an open book is laying on a blanket next to the water and some shoes near by
an image of a wave in the ocean
a white duck sitting on top of a persons hand next to some pink and white flowers
a baby cow standing next to an adult cow on top of a grass covered field
Fluffy Calf and eyelashes
the words are written in white on a gray background, which reads you're in the wind, i'm in the water nobody's son, nobody's daughter
Lana Del Rey - Chemtrails over the country club
a black cat sitting on top of a white sink in a kitchen next to shelves
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