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the collage shows different activities for children to play in and around their backyard pool
10 summer boredom busters - Kim Byers
10 summer boredom busters
an elephant themed mobile hangs on the wall next to a lamp in a child's room
Trace, cut, and string. Can use any shape/silhouette and just trace on cute scrapbook paper/cardstock. Easy peasy.
a sign that says best dad ever hands down
Father’s Day Craft, totally doing this with the baby for daddy!!!
a stone with the word peace written in it and some rocks around it on a black surface
10 Father's Day crafts for kids - Today's Parent
9 Father's Day crafts for kids
an image of a child's picture frame with stars on the border and i love my daddy
10 Father’s Day Crafts for Kids
daddy frame
the table is set up with paper pom - poms
How to Make Tissue-Paper Pom-Poms
three mason jars filled with blue and white glitters, one is holding the jar
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broken glo-stick juice in a glass jar... not to drink though silly!
three colorful sticks are sitting on a wooden table with the words, create the sound of falling rain
Rain Sticks for Kids to Make - Happy Hooligans
Rain Sticks--- Used paper towel tubes and taped the ends shut with a bit of rice inside, then covered the outside with craft paper and decorated. It would have been nicer to have longer tubes, because paper towel rolls aren't really long enough to make the nice rain stick noise, but the kids still enjoyed them as shakers.
two colorful toy caterpillars with googly eyes
Kid Craft: Clothespin Caterpillars
Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom: Kid Craft: Clothespin Caterpillars
there are many different pictures of hands painted in bright colors
How to Make Homemade Watercolor Paint, Finger Paints, Bubbles, Playdough, and More
FREE kids crafts recipes download