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lastwear hakama sewing guide pdf - Google Search

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Kimono Tutorial - Hairstyles Special by on @DeviantArt

Kimono Tutorial - Hairstyles Special by Hanami-Mai.- Differences between Chinese, Korean, and Japanese hairstyle

「着物をそれっぽく描くポイント」 | 摩耶薫子 [pixiv]

tanuki-kimono: “ Kimono drawing guide by Kaoruko Maya. Booklet is available in pdf for ¥ 900 here.

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Hakama 袴 were traditionally worn only by men, but today they are worn by both sexes. Hakama are tied at the waist and fall approximately to the ankles and worn over a kimono. While hakama used to be a required part of men's wear, nowadays Japanese men usually wear hakama only on extremely formal occasions and religious service. Hakama traditionally formed part of a complete outfit called a kamishimo (上下 or 裃). Worn by samurai and courtiers during the Edo period.

Hakama 袴 were traditionally worn only by men but today they are worn by both sexes

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