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Heeeyyy, this is all really well said. Except That is purely opinion based. I *do not like* Taylor Swift music. By my first breakup I'll be blaring AWOLNATION, you kidding?

colour and emotion - Google Search

The Frontal Lobe controls emotions like the ones shown here in "Emotions of Color" - Feng Shui. Amazingly depressing range of color thoughts, fuck that, every color rocks!

Find specific colors.!

These were posted to help writers write creative and inspiring they'd help consignment/ resale staffers describe incoming goods better. After all, it's not a pink couch or dress: it's salmon or strawberry, right?

The Greek and Roman Gods Infographic ---- "Hephaestus' relationship isn't successful" I'd consider that an understatement

The Greek and Roman Gods Infographic They forgot the one almighty God! The one above all god's! OUR GOD! The one and only God!

Since April in Stress Awareness Month, take a look at the attached infographic titled, “Let’s talk about Stress.”

Always stressed out? Find out what happens to your body and what steps you can take to help manage your stress! Stress Relief Tips

Knowing how our brain function includes, Learning how to know our self and to know who is important to us. This is so fundamental that it originates the differences of our emotions and our personality. Our attitudes and how we manage our relationships are already part whiting our limbic and neural systems. Me gradúe En inglés. Casi no término

Say it with me, it& okay to be an introvert. Being an introvert doesn& make you bad. Being an introvert is normal. People are born wired to be either an introvert or an extrovert. Did you know that the blood&

Keep these things in mind.

If you haven't naturally achieved these traits through conscientious living and higher level thought

Eyes and psychology #eyes #psychology #forensic #science

Body Language - Psychology of eye movements. Not sure if it's true but I'll be observing eyes lol