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Heart of House Hudson Textured Cushion - Russet.

Lots of other colours too! Heart of House Hudson Textured Cushion - Russet.

Sabichi Jacobean Cushion.

Crafted from cotton and featuring a floral design, this cushion is a colourful addition to your living room or bedroom. Display alone on your bedspread .

stringing plants- wow amazing but would not atempt this

Found via Urban Garden, these hanging gardens are an art installation type project by Fedor. Using string, moss, grass, and bowls or a glass reservoir - plants are transformed into suspended living works of art.

Lovely textural garden and neat flagstone and steps...and bird bath

When you imagine your dream home, what does the outside look like? If it's a big yard, but in reality you have a tiny one, you'll want to check out these ideas!

japanese garden ideas | Gardening, Japanese Style Garden Design Ideas : stunning japanese ...

A Japanese style garden is a haven for serenity and relaxation. Fundamental elements are incorporated into all Japanese style garden designs, reflecting components found only in nature.


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