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an advertisement for copper daffodils on a white background
How to Make Copper Daffodils
Hi, I had a go making these copper daffodils in the hope I wouldn’t have to buy flowers for my wife ever again! (Not true) I had some 1 inch (25 mm) lying...
someone is cleaning up some dirt in a glass bowl on a table with a potted plant next to it
How To Make Plant Gel Soil Using Diapers - The WHOot
Diaper Soil Plants
a lizard made out of rocks sitting on top of a rock covered ground next to a tree
Land Art English | Creations in Nature
Rock lizard - is this really a craft? I don't know but it would make a nice addition to garden!
the cover of creative diy rain chains
DIY Rain Chain Ideas: Outdoor Living - DIY Yard -
Creative DIY Rain Chains
a tall stack of rocks sitting in the middle of a garden
Garden Cairns as Landscape Art, Monuments, and Soothing Fountains.
stone tower
a wind chime with beads hanging from it's side and the words make this beaded wind chime
Add Sparkle to the Garden With This Beautiful Beaded Wind Chime - Garden Therapy
How to make a sparkling bead wind chime with bells! I’ll admit I’m a bit of a craft supply hoarder and have accumulated a massive amount of beautiful beads over the years but have barely used them. This project is the perfect excuse to get out my bead supply and make something I’ll enjoy seeing out my window every day.
two potted plants sitting next to each other on top of a stone wall with the words feliz navidad i love you
Terra cotta flower pot people