Unique guest book ideas. Personalized fingerprint wedding trees, interactive guestbooks your guests will love!
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a bicycle with hearts attached to it is in a white frame on the wall next to a vase filled with flowers
Thanks for the kind words! ★★★★★ "The service was friendly and fast. Many thanks. So nice to have something different as a keep sake." Lianne H. #etsy #weddings #weddingguestbook #rusticguestbook #guestbook #bridegift #showergift #weddingdecor #newzealand
a table topped with cards and candles next to a tree on top of a white table cloth
Client Stories - My Guestbook
three different colors of paint are shown on the wall next to a framed drawing of a tree
Client Stories - My Guestbook
a person is drawing on paper with colored pencils
How Adam and Jenn Reversed the polarity of the neutron flow
Whomping Willow tree complete with Tardis and Golden Snitches for this Dr Who and Harry Potter themed wedding.
a white frame with yellow flowers on it
My Guestbook - perfect wedding guestbook for a tropical destination wedding
a white frame holds a drawing of a balloon with the number forty four on it
Birthday - 40th Birthday Gift Idea or 40th Birthday party decor
a drawing of a tree with two hearts on it's leaves and the date
Redwood Trees Fingerprint Guestbook
a drawing of a van with balloons coming out of it
Kombi Van Thumbprint Guestbook
a white frame holding a blue and purple tree with leaves on the bottom, in front of a gray background
Hand Drawn Heart
a white frame holding a tree with pink and green leaves on it's branches
Classic Tree Fingerprint Guestbook
a white frame with a drawing of a bottle on it
Champagne Celebration Fingerprint Guestbook
a drawing of a tree with red leaves on it's branches and white frame
Bespoke Guestbooks for life's milestone events
Hand drawn style Pohutukawa fingerprint guestbook. New Zealand's iconic tree which is now one of our most popular designs.