Leilani Tunnicliff

Leilani Tunnicliff

katikati / made this account at 12, love my cars, and horses. i love minecraft, i'm getting into another game call ARK, but i think i'll still love minecraft more
Leilani Tunnicliff
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took me a minute...

Why is this a "Teenager Post"? Seriously, I'm a Teenager and I can't relate to this situation. I guess no one can, because I doubt you'd be alive after this kind of phone call. What is this Post?


People will never understand the pain of curly hair. or straight hair either. it's hard stuff. I've thick and wavy hair and the only thing I can do with it is put it in a ponytail

Teenager Posts

That would be the funniest movie situation in the world! Teenager Post Operator: please hold. Me: Ok. Wait, stop stabbing me for a sec. Murderer: Ok.

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So true. My mom starts cleaning the WHOLE house! Im like mom just close the doors to the rooms u dont want ppl to c!

Legit! I mean half of my friends know that I'm darting my fridge. So u really think I'd go out and party all night when I named my "bf" Kenny-Moore?! Puh-leease

My mom and stepdad get angry because I'm my iPod all the time and try to make this "two hour time limit" rule, and I told her once "you should be proud of me! I'm addicted to the internet, while most kids are addicted to drugs and drinking!

I'm weird. I know.

I'm weird. omg so true the more you know me the crazyer and weirder i get but ull love me ;

yep that's me

Me: Hey close the door, please. Parent: *leaves the door open 2 centimeters* Me: *dying whale noise*