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(2014-12) Hænger

Had a wood with climbing trees near us loved those days; Considering installing a climbing wall in your house? Consider a walk-in closet for yourself instead and tell the kid to go climb a tree.

Children are such precious, priceless, entities  That possess happiness, wisdom and inner peace  They are beautiful, innocent, fragile beings  Who delight in each moment, jovial and carefree  Nothing is more exciting, inviting, fulfilling to me  Than to view the world through their eyes  Which involves love and simplicity.

This picture reminds me of the kids in Lacolline Haiti. They have so little but they always seem to be so happy. Brings a smile to my face every time.

Pizza and Wine Pairing Party Ideas #blackboxsummer

Pizza and Wine Pairing Party Ideas. A huge pizza oven would beed some great entertaining recipes.

Love the cups with dip! I always want to take more than one carrot stick with dip, here you can!

Good idea for children as well as adults. Love this idea of the fruit skewers and veggie cups with ranch dip on bottom