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a drawing of a person looking at their reflection in a mirror with the words who is that?
some people are in the water and one person is on his surfboard with another man
Artwork - CLARA LIEU
Clara Lieu, "Unknown IV", lithographic crayon on Dura-Lar, 48” x 30”, 2009. This drawing is from "Wading", a project that presents the most severe form of isolation as loneliness that is experienced when physically surrounded by other people. These works depict figures wading in an infinite and undefined body of water. I visually portray loneliness as the experience of feeling unseen and unknown within a group.
a woman standing on the beach looking out at the ocean with two large rocks in the background
a black and white photo of a woman's head covered in a satin fabric
The Hidden Identities of Andreas Poupoutsis - Installation Magazine
an ocean wave with white foam on it
a person standing on the beach at night with their reflection in the wet sand and water
random aes?
a person standing in the water with their bare feet
a person floating in the water with their feet on the surface and one hand extended out
Regulus Black
a blurry image of a person's face in the water at night time
a person's hand in the water under a cloudy sky with dark clouds above
Domestic Abuse Survivor - my story of coercive control and more
Domestic Abuse – My Survivors Story
the moon is setting over the ocean with grass in foreground and blue sky above