Niamh Murfitt

Niamh Murfitt

I am awesome and love sport
Niamh Murfitt
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Surfing is a great sport. I think lots of kids should do it cause its fun not a competitive sport.

Imprinted Doorknob #anthropologie Only $19.95... wonder whether I'd actually be able to install it...

not owning a house, i have no need for a doorknob. but if i needed one, i'd want this rose gold / copper enamel doorknob.

Why are they called violets if they're blue? They should be called blues. Or be the colour violet

Roses are red. Heres something new, Violets are violet not really blue - Gardening Go

Hahaha. True.

So Why Are Guys Clueless To The Reason Girls Wear Makeup? And I don't wear makeup. I still think boys are asses!