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the letters are made in pink and green
a woman's hand holding up a green leaf with pearls on her bracelets
a pink and green shirt with the words 1908 enough said
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the words woke since 1908 are in white letters on a green background with pink lettering
the back of a black and green blanket on a wooden background with words written in different languages
SKEE-WEE! Alpha Kappa Alpha Blanket Subway Art
Alpha Kappa Alpha Blanket, Personalized Fleece Blanket
three black women wearing green shirts and pink headscarves with the words happy founder's day
a women's pink t - shirt with an image of opi on it
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REP Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority by EclecticGraphics1908 on Etsy
the word love is written in pink and green on a white background with a shamrock
Nursing and Ivy's go hand in hand
a woman's face with pink lipstick and the words ethel on it in white letters
a green poster with the words since nineteen o - eight in pink and green on it
a green poster with the words seek weee my mirrors, skee weee
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