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a man holding a stuffed animal in his hands
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black and white photograph of a man playing an electric guitar with his tongue hanging out
an abandoned building with graffiti all over the walls and steps leading up to it's entrance
Tripping through the American night a photographer's eerie collection
a neon sign that says it is exactly what you think it is
"Few things we left unsaid" by Anna Fafaliou conce
exit sign lit up in the dark with green light coming from it's side
Freenom World
a dark room with graffiti all over the walls
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a group of people that are playing guitars in front of a microphone and guitar stand
Legendary East Bay Punk Scene Comes to Life in Green Day-Assisted Doc: Exclusive Trailer Premiere
a bike parked next to a couch covered in graffiti
two young men are playing guitars together in a room with graffiti on the wall behind them
Operation Ivy 1988
black and white photograph of young men standing in front of graffiti covered wall with microphones
three young men standing next to each other
Oh, It's The 90s.: Photo
two young men are playing guitars and singing into microphones while another man sits in the background
Green Day, 1991
a black and white photo of a man with curly hair sitting in front of a cloudy sky