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an article in spanish with silhouettes of people walking and holding hands on the page
Danças regionais
the crossword puzzle is shown in black and white, with an image of people dancing
Danças regionais
an instruction manual for how to draw cartoon characters from disney's the little mermaid
999: request failed
an article in spanish with pictures of people and birds
Atividades de arte sobre dança
an article in spanish describing the benefits of dance and how to use it for your next project
Apostila ensino médio danca
an instruction manual for how to do the splits in different poses, including hands and feet
Passos Básicos do Ballet Clássico
an image of some people painted on the side of a building with different colors and shapes
Cedar Creek Elementary School » Meet the Teachers!
an artistic sculpture in the middle of a city
Haring, Keith - 1985 Untitled (polyurethane painted aluminum)
a black and white drawing of a cube with an image of a lion on it
four different drawings with the letters y and y on them
Haring Hipsters
some cut out figures are shown in black and white
an art project is displayed on the wall
Juf Jaydee