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Giant new species of lethal jellyfish discovered in Australian waters

An example of the Keesingia gigas jellyfish. Photograph: John Totterdell/MIRG Australia. A giant and extremely venomous jellyfish found off Western Australia’s north-west coast has researchers stum…

US government called to account after agency kills 4 million animals in 2013

In 2013, US Wildlife Services killed 75,326 coyotes from a total cull of 4.3m animals, of which around 2m were native speices. Photograph: D...

Two Vampire Crab Species Found, Are Already Popular Pets

Vampire crabs, so named because of their glowing yellow eyes, have become popular as pets, but the origin of some of these spooky-looking crustaceans has been cloaked in mystery. Until now. Now researchers have traced the freshwater crabs back to their wild source in Southeast Asia—and report that the two most sought-after species are new to science.