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a little boy painting on a canvas with watercolors
Sweet Happy Life
Painting with Watercolors, Glue and Salt. I love this effect!!!
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Weekend Art - Suminagashi for Kids - Inner Child Fun
Sumigashi Art for Kids
a person holding up a piece of art that looks like it has many different things on it
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1/2 Tablespoon of oil and 1 teaspoon food coloring on top of small amount of water in shallow pan. Lay heavy paper (cardstock) on top and wait until you see oil coming through back. Lift paper and see your design. Can drag toothpick through colors to make new design.
a colorful swirl cake sitting on top of a pan
DIY Marbled Paper from Shaving Cream
Use drops of food coloring, on shaving cream. Swirl (gently to still keep colors vibrant). Carefully lift the paper up. Using a straight edge (We used a dish scraper), scrape of the shaving cream. Revealed underneath will be gorgeous marbled paper. Allow to dry.
an image of tie - dye art with baby wipes on the app store page
Easy Tie Dye Art with Baby Wipes
Easy Tie Dye Art with Baby Wipes: Such a fun way to explore tie dye and you can make a super simple bunting!
marbleing with oil easy and beautiful art project for kids to do on the table
How to Do Paper Marbling with Oil and Food Coloring
Marbling with oil and food coloring is one of the easiest ways to marble paper and it uses materials you likely already have at home. Beautiful!