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Winter nails can coordinate perfectly with your winter wear when paired with the Sweater Weather collection from Red Aspen. The reusable press-on nails are printed with subtle cable knit prints that are fun to mix and match for a unique & trendy nail look. 
 • Best of all, Red Aspen nail dashes are priced under $20 making them a steal when compared to salon manicures. Plus they make great stocking stuffers! 😉

Last Minute Halloween Nails 💅🏻👻

Nail Art Hack: use a tooth brush to create last minute spooky Halloween blood nails 🩸💅🏻


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I had the best time yesterday making my own jewelry over at @kendrascott in Charleston yesterday! I mean how purrfect is that cat necklace for me?! 😻 I didn’t even know you could choose your own stones and make custom pieces like this. So fun and the jewelry turned out to be so pretty too! And since it is Logan’s birthday weekend, I did get the studs that were called “Logan” too. It’s the least I could do while buying myself jewelry for his birthday right?! 🤣 . . . . . . . . . . #kendrascott #kendrascottjewelry #kendrascottnecklace #goldjewellery #goldjewelry #goldjewellerydesign #goldjewelryset #catmom #catmomlife #catmommy #catmoms #catmomproblems #catmomsofinstagram #catmomma #charleston #charlestonsc #explorecharleston #kingstreet #kingstreetcharleston #charlestonliving #charlestonli
I got some super cute fall pieces in from @pinklily this week and I just had to share them with y’all! I’m so ready for temperatures to drop here so I can start wearing these cuties more often! Plus, you can use the code “September20” to get 20% off these items or anything else on the site so don’t miss out! 😉 I’m sharing a closer view of everything in my stories today too so be sure to take a look at that as well! . . . . . . . . . . #pinklily #pinklilystyle #pinklilyboutique #pinklilyambassad
I made a custom hat for my 30th birthday over at Rustler Hat Co. In Nashville, Tennesse and it turned out to be amazing! 😍


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Discover the secret to the best seafood in Orange Beach, Alabama with Mornings on Macedonia. This culinary experience will leave you craving for more as the rich, succulent flavors of the Gulf are expertly combined with exquisite preparations. Dive into the seafood haven that is the epitome of Southern charm.
Savor the Flavor of the Gulf: The Unparalleled Seafood Experience at Mornings on Macedonia
Discover the secret to the best seafood in Orange Beach, Alabama with Mornings on Macedonia. This culinary experience will leave you craving for more as the rich, succulent flavors of the Gulf are expertly combined with exquisite preparations. Dive into the seafood haven that is the epitome of Southern charm.
a large clock mounted to the side of a wall
🔋 Battery-Powered Wall Sconces: No Hardwire Needed 💡
No hardwiring necessary! ✨ Check out our step-by-step guide on 'How to Add Wall Sconces Without Hardwiring - Mornings on Macedonia'! 🏡😍 Discover the best battery-powered sconces to add that perfect touch of charm to your home. 💡🌟
jars filled with homemade vanilla syrup next to a christmas tree
Vanilla Magic: DIY Extract Recipe
Ready to embark on a DIY journey into the world of homemade vanilla extract? Follow our easy, step-by-step guide to transform ordinary vanilla beans into extraordinary flavor. Your taste buds – and your friends and family – will thank you! 🌟
a potted plant sitting in the middle of grass with text overlay how to create a diy herb garden - mornings on macedonia
💚 Mornings on Macedonia: Embrace the Greenery! 🌿
Welcome to Mornings on Macedonia! 🌞 Our DIY Herb Garden is our little green haven where we create magic! ✨ From sunrise strolls in the garden to picking fresh herbs for our meals, there's no place we'd rather be! 🌱
a wooden bench sitting on top of a wooden deck next to a white house with the words how to create a non - rustic raised garden bed
🌿 Non Toxic Garden Bed Bliss with Mornings on Macedonia
Ready to level up your garden game? 🌻 Learn how to create a non toxic raised garden bed with our fun tutorial on Mornings on Macedonia 💚 Get ready to grow organic veggies in a safe haven for your little ones!
a rocking chair sitting on top of a porch next to a welcome mat with the words, ideas for a fall themed porch
Fall Front Porch Makeover: Inspiring Autumn Ideas
Get inspired by this collection of fall themed front porch ideas, perfect for creating an inviting autumn atmosphere at your home. From cozy seating arrangements to decorative elements in warm colors and rich textures, transform your porch into the ultimate fall haven.
a book cover with two lawn chairs and a pool in the background
The Ultimate Backyard Oasis: Stock Tank Pool Landscaping at Mornings on Macedonia
Experience the perfect blend of luxury and tranquility at Mornings on Macedonia's beautifully landscaped stock tank pool. Surrounded by vibrant greenery, the stock tank pool is the ultimate backyard oasis, offering a refreshing respite from the summer heat. Discover how you can recreate this serene escape in your own backyard!
diy garden markers - mornings on macedonia
DIY Garden Makers with a Personal Twist
Discover the magic of personal touch with our DIY Garden Markers - Mornings on Macedonia. Each marker is a work of art, reflecting the charm of DIY Gardening. It's a perfect blend of creativity, love, and gardening. This DIY project brings a unique charm to your garden, making it an extension of your home.
a house with landscaping in front of it and the words above it that reads above ground hot tub landscaping ideas mornings on macdonia
🌱Above Ground Hot Tub Landscaping Made Fun 🎉
🌸 Get your garden ready for your hot tub with our fun, innovative landscaping ideas at Above Ground Hot Tub Landscaping Ideas - Mornings on Macedonia 🏡 Dive into our tips and inspiration for creating a relaxing oasis 💧🕌
the cover of how to style an exterior screen in porch - mornings on macedonia
🍃Mornings on Macedonia: A Porch Refresh Story😊🏡
Get ready to be inspired by our recent porch refresh journey 😊🏡. Our life at 'Mornings on Macedonia' is about enjoying the simple pleasures - a steaming cup of coffee, birdsong, and the gentle rustle of leaves. Join us as we share our experience and the beautiful transformations we've made to our cozy screened-in porch 🌿✨.
patriotic signs with the words diy and stars on them in white, red, and blue
🇺🇸 DIY Patriotic Signs: A Fun & Easy Craft 🇺🇸
🇺🇸Get ready for the Fourth of July with some festive DIY Patriotic Signs! Join Mornings on Macedonia and learn how to create beautiful banners and signs using simple materials. Perfect for a family project or a backyard celebration, you'll love the way they brighten up your Independence Day decor!
the fastest iced coffee is on this table with two mugs and one cup in front of it
😋 The Easiest Iced Coffee Recipe Ever! 💖
Craving iced coffee but don't want to spend hours preparing it? 😫 Don't worry – we've got you covered! 🙌 Discover the easiest and most delicious iced coffee recipe ever, perfect for busy days and hot afternoons. Get ready to chug down some ☕ love! 🌟
two orange and yellow flowers on the ground
Transform Your Poolside Paradise with Our Top Plant Picks
Discover the best plants to complement your above ground pool and turn your backyard oasis into nature's own private escape! With our curated list of plants for your above ground pool, we guarantee to enhance your poolside experience while adding a touch of green and sustainability to your living space. ✨
graduation gift basket with the words graduate on it and an image of a sign that reads,
Inspire Their Journey: Graduation Basket Tag Ideas
Celebrate a graduate's next chapter with a touch of personalization! 🎓✨ Discover our collection of unique and inspiring Graduation Gift Basket Tag Ideas for Mornings on Macedonia - perfect for gifting or creating your own personalized present. Share the love and excitement as they begin their journey towards success! 🌟
a blue truck with lemons on it sitting in a bowl
🍋 Fun & Fresh: DIY Lemon Kitchen Decor 🍋
Add a splash of zest to your kitchen with these delightful DIY Lemon Kitchen Decor ideas from Mornings on Macedonia! 🍋 From cheery wall art to hand-painted kitchenware, you'll find endless inspiration for bringing your citrus dreams to life and creating a space you'll love. Get ready to squeeze the day! 🍊💛