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I think it Gay Quote time Gay Pride - Gay Love - Gay Boys - Gay Girls - LGBTQI - Lesbian - Bisexual - Transgender - Trans - Questioning - Queer - intersex - gender - androgyny - genderqueer - genderfucked - mardigras - equality

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Do u ever turn the volume on your music up until u reach the perfect level of 'ah, yes i cannot hear anything else', and it feels like a big warm hug;

and you get chills because you literally hear everything

I'll just notice certain details in the music of a YC song or there will be a moment where you can hear Ryan take a breath and for some reason it just makes me so happy :)

I cherish my own little world.

I like being alone listening to music in my own world, away from all the bullshit in life. Sometimes, yes:) Hp Lyrikz Top quality quotes

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The dislike list consisting of of modern country music and rap. Other than that, I'm pretty much okay with whatever.

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I like my music like I like my men. My mom yells at me for having the music turned up so loud, but she's the one I'm trying to keep out.