New Product Update! Crystal Clear UV Resin for Jewelry Making 😍
Have you tried @baltic_day UV Resin? 😍 @baltic_day Finally launched a new super clear UV Resin for Jewelry Making and DIY Craft Decorations 😍 Shop today on ➡️ link in Bio ⬅️ Fast Curing Formula - no more tacky or cloudy finish. Baltic Day UV resin cures hard in a few minutes with a high gloss, crystal clear and 100% waterproof finish. Fast Worldwide Shipping • USA 2-5 Days • Worldwide 4-10 Days
the big test 10 neon powders for resin casting with text overlay that reads,'10 neon powders for resin casting '
10 Neon Podwers for Resin Casting
10 Neon Podwers for Resin Casting. Check out the video to learn more about these fantastic powders.
two wooden sculptures with purple and blue lights on them, one is shaped like mountains
Jellyfish triangular resin night light
A beautiful fragment of the ocean in the form of a triangular night light made of transparent epoxy resin with jellyfish inside. A great idea for a gift
an orca in a plastic bottle with blue light inside is being held by someone
Orcas(Killer Whales) Aquatic Resin Diorama | Nightlight | Whale Resin Paperweight | Resin Ornament | Resin table decor | Resin stone
a person holding up a glowing aquarium in the dark with green algae and other plants
Unique bedside resin night light
Table epoxy lamp made of shiny epoxy resin and wood with duo pegasus. The night light will be a wonderful interior decoration and unique idea for a gift
Craft Resin | Buy High-Quality Epoxy Resin and Hardener
De-Mold New Resin Shell Coasters with us!
Refine Your Woodworking Piece With Upstart Epoxy!
three lit candles sitting on top of a wooden block with blue glass in the center
Candleholder Wooden Candlestick Contemporary Candle Wood | Etsy
a wooden cutting board with black metal handles
How to: Crystal clear charcuterie board with epoxy resin, wine corks, and urban wood
a man working on a red piece of furniture
How to Make an Epoxy River Table and Mold