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a woman is bending over with her head down and hands behind her back as she stands on one leg
Juxtapoz Magazine - Another Look: Paintings by Lu Cong
Paintings by Lu Cong | Cong was born in Shanghai in 1978, and he moved to the US when he was 11, and interestingly, graduated from the University of Iowa with degrees in Biology and Art in 2000.
a painting of a woman sitting at a desk
Michaël Borremans, One, 2003
Michael Borremans, One
a blurry photograph of a person sleeping on a bed
Betting Foundation – Online casino games
- Michaël Borremans -
a painting of a man's face with green paint on his face and chest
The Book of 8
Michaël Borremans
several images of a woman with her head in the shape of an egg being held up by someone's hands
Michael Borremans
the back of a woman's head with her hair in a ponytail and text over it
Michael Borremans
Michael Borremans Michelangelo Paintings, Realism Art, Contemporary Paintings, Figurative Art
How to Not Suck at Art
Michael Borremans
a painting of a woman sitting at a table with her back turned to the camera
Slow Paintings at Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen
a painting of a man standing on top of a mat
Michael Borremans
a painting of a woman holding a white duck in her hands and looking down at it
Michael Borremans
a painting of a person laying on the ground with a red umbrella over their head
Michael Borremans
an oil painting of a table with a white cloth on it's top, sitting in front of a gray wall
Michaël Borremans – Protect me from what I want
Michaël Borremans