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an advertisement for some kind of food that is on the side of a sign with numbers
12 Creative Barcode Designs That (Amazingly) Work
an image of a cat on the back of a chair made out of knitting yarn
Jonathan Zawada. Wouldn't it be neat if product bar codes were animals like this? Co's could have contests to find the tiger when all others in the batch were cats.
an old fashioned cassette tape recorder with two eyes on it's side and the words,
Cassette & Barcode #Art #Design
a zebra standing in front of a black and white striped curtain with numbers on it
We use them everyday in our stores now, but barcode scanners were not invented until 1969
a black and white drawing of a woman's head
Art, Illustrations, Art Design, Art Direction, and Print Design image inspiration on Designspiration
Distorted figure. Look! It makes a barcode! What if I could do this with QR codes?
a barcode with a tree on it and the number twenty nine below, in front of a white background
Talkable Barcodes (Yes, Barcodes)
barcode design
an image of a boat with waves in the background
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The bar code beautified PD
a close up of a bottle of wine with a label on the front and side
Clever use of a barcode - and what a great name!
the barcode city logo is shown in black and white, as well as an image of
Make Logos, Business Cards, Social Designs and More | BrandCrowd
new logo concept
a bar code with a skier jumping in the air
Les codes barres, quelque peu originaux.
Skier #barcode PD