love - so clever, so compassionate, so wise - a bright shooting star now sadly vanished over the horizon - so fucking SAD
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In a news release today, relatives of the late David Foster Wallace said that they are "opposed" to the making of the forthcoming James Ponsoldt-directed biopic of the author, which stars Jason Segel as Wallace and is titled The End of the Tour.


David Foster Wallace Biography - David Foster Wallace was born on February, He was an American author and is renowned all over the world for his highly acclaimed essays, novels


If you've talked to me for more than five minutes, you probably know that I'm a huge fan of author and essayist David Foster Wallace. In my opinion, he's one of the most fascinating writers and thinkers that has ever lived, and he possessed an almost


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Good things do come in small packages. In this case, from an expansive mind. This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life by David Foster Wallace is a transcript of Wallace's one public...

‘We’re the Government, Its Worst Face,’ David Foster Wallace on the IRS. In his unfinished novel, 'The Pale King,' David Foster Wallace describes the humdrum lives of several IRS examiners, while simultaneously showcasing the absurdity of bureaucracy


Let's talk about doge, but first let's talk about the late great David Foster Wallace, who thirteen years ago wrote a classic essay about modern English*..


News of David Foster Wallaces death began trickling across the internet Saturday, when it appeared on a few scattered blogs and was confirmed by the LA Times late Saturday night. By the time I received the news on Sunday morning, some one had ...