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...And the West Moon... An insight into the cultural proclivities of a married middle-aged British male. There are no intentions here, neither to lead, nor to be followed. This just is. If you enjoy...

Maybe not now maybe not soon but one day you'll remember me and smile for the times we once shared we're so magical - or maybe one day we'll fall back in love and have those magical moments again

Most people are pretty sure Jake owns converse, and that's pretty much it. However Garret once found a pair of flipflops under his bed. Jake made him swear secrecy because he "Had a rep to uphold"

✨ ☽♡☾ ✨ Hiya! You can call me Elarra 🍃 Cosmic faery of the thickest forests and deepest seas. I enjoy naps on mossy grounds, frolicking amongst fellow faery folk and dwelling under wee mushrooms. I am an eclectic pagan witch on a path of druidry.