Westhaven Retreat

Secluded on a 1000 acre peninsula, it took ten years for our family to build Westhaven Lodge. Now we can finally not only offer beautiful scenery, private…
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an indoor swimming pool with people in it
Westhaven Lodge Indoor Pool and Spa facilities
a person standing on top of a rocky hill with trees growing out of the rocks
Amazing Rock formations at Westhaven Retreat, Luxury Wilderness Lodge in New Zealand
the mountains are covered with trees and rocks
Beautiful Rock formations and scenery
an ocean view with waves crashing on the shore
beautiful New Zealand westcoast
the sun is setting over the beach and water
sunset at the beach
two birds sitting on top of a rock near the water with mountains in the background
"Kea" at the Doorstep
a dirt road next to a body of water
Drive through Cause Ways to Westhaven Lodge
two people in kayaks are on the water
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Kayaking in the Whanganui Inlet
an aerial view of a large house surrounded by trees and greenery in the background
Westhaven Luxury Lodge hidden in New Zealand's Wilderness
a dining room with wood flooring and table set for four, next to a fireplace
Fine Dining at Westhaven Lodge
a living room with couches, chairs and a bed in the background at night
Luxury Suite
the beach is covered in waves and rocks
Beautiful Beaches
a table with plates and glasses on top of it next to a view of the ocean
Westhaven Lodge Luxury Retreat Accommodation Nelson New Zealand
Views from the Westhaven Lodge