Mark Liddament

Mark Liddament

New Zealand / Protein engineer, father and husband.
Mark Liddament
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Happiness in those wheels, forever.

Using the tires to create an infinity symbol was a nice touch on this logo. Hence the bike "forever" quote. Simple yet effective logo

Stars, stars, and more stars.

"Heavens Trail" A place in Ireland, where every two years on June 10 to the stars line up with this path. Actually just a nice pic of the Milky Way! And no the stars don't line up with the path!

Extremely long exposure: Photographer Lincoln Harrison endures 15-hour shoots in the wintry Australian outback to snare stunning images of star trails in the night sky

Spectacular Australian Star Trail photos by Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison. These long-exposure shots were taken over the course of 15 hours! Not only did these shots require a lot of patience but they also required a great deal of stamina.

Incredible long exposure

Australian photographer Lincoln Harrison captures long exposures of gorgeous star trails in the night sky above the Australian outback. He describes the grueling (and freezing) process of capturing the photos.

I want this as a poster on my wall or something... Gorgeous.

'Unrealistic Scenes' is a creative, manipulated photography set made by Nathan Spotts a photographer from San Francisco, CA. He's always been captivated by the beauty of our world, and often dreams of the things that…

Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco

North tower revealed, Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, USA (by Tyler Westcott). So beautiful, this is how I remember the view from my friends house high up in the hills of San Francisco ❤