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the water cycle is shown with different types of animals and plants in it's center
3rd Grade Common Core Science
3rd Grade Common Core Science | 3rd Grade Science - conditions under which matter changes physical state
four different pictures show children making crafts with paper and pencils in front of a projector screen
Grade 2 Matter Observe, listen, record the physical changes of corn when heat is added. Simple lab with a microwave
a group of people standing around a green couch
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The Magic School Bus: Gets Ready, Set, Dough. An engaging movie about physical and chemical changes. Mrs. Frizzle and her students explore physical and chemical changes through cooking a cake. Use in your classroom to introduce physical and chemical changes.
an assortment of glasses on a tray with a sign that says experiment in progress don't touch
Live and Learn
Gummy bears in water to show physical change. Could have totally used this today!
close up view of popcorn kernels in a bowl
Middle School Chemistry - American Chemical Society
Chemical and Physical Changes Explained. Great site and explanations. (Middle School
a poster with the words chemical and physical changes in matter written below it on paper
Chemical physical changes in matter