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a person is holding a wooden toy in their left hand and pressing the button on it
madeindreams designs miniature wooden toy boats for riva
madeindreams produces miniature wooden toy boats for riva - designboom | architecture
an open notebook with drawings on it and pictures of suitcases in the pages next to each other
Sculpture and 3D Design Sketchbooks – 13 Creative Examples
NCEA Level 3 Sculpture sketchbook
four different views of the ocean with blue and green colors on it, including one large body of water
curated contemporary art /// i’m jealous of yuko takada keller
wonderful installation by artist Yuko Takada Keller: made of small, triangular, hand-colored pieces of tracing paper
a close up view of a map with red and blue lines on white paper in the middle
New World Order
Artist Shannon Rankin does amazing things with maps. Treating them as mere pieces of decorated paper to be manipulated—clipping out spirals, folding crevassed roses of ridges and faultlines, pinning up confetti-like clouds of circles and zigzags—she creates "new geographies, suggesting the potential for a broader landscape."
spoons and knives are hanging from the ceiling with wood planks on it's sides
Milky Way
DIY :: Draw with milk on paper, let dry for 30 minutes, and then iron to reveal!
a painting of a bottle being filled with liquid from the top and bottom, in water
Un cuadro muy realista, increíbles brillos y reflejos, de Todd Ford
people looking at artwork on display in an art gallery
Art Making Pinball Machine
an art installation made out of wires and other objects on a white cloth covered floor
Spirograph Amusement Park Ride by Rosemarie Fiore
Spirograph Amusement Park Ride by Rosemarie Fiore | Table Of Malcontents |
a rainbow painted on the windshield of a car in front of a road with grass and trees
Create a Rainbow
This is SO perfect for St. Patrick one of the leprechaun tricks.
a woman's arm with metal claws on it and her hand wrapped around the wrist
Aviso de redirecionamento
rebecca horn
four different types of hamburgers and cats
Artcitytrip — esobvio: TAKEOUTCAT: COMBO by Ohara.Hale on...