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This is so sad...

Help me spread this around! I don't know if this is true but I will spread it anyway. Do it too! Also, this isn't funny, but this is a popular board

TV Rain Tea Coke Blue Music Chocolate Brownies

How well do you know me? OMG I just did this test with my step mom, and she got 2 wrong lol😘❤️😎😍🌸🌺

PLEASE REPIN. It would mean the world to her if she found him. Let's make it go everywhere so they can find him

Pin on your most popular board. This is heartbreaking.please help if you can. Give this woman some peace.

What this pin does right: Encourages repins, has call to action and also has coupon code. Not bad for something that supports a social cause!

London Hundred Apparel will donate 50 cents to help people get clean water! Let's rock the boat people

This is so sad, this happened to my friend and ugh! People really have to stop being insensitive bastards to others.

Against bullying. Repost on most popular board.<<< Not my most popular board, because I don't usually do those repost things. I figured the caring people on this board would appreciate a pin like this one.

lets find out if this works

It worked. Or maybe im just tired>>>> it's cuz it says fake cough so you did cough

I can't risk it. I asked my crush out yesterday and I can't risk it