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Amethyst Seashell Wind Chime
Sound on! More than a hundred elements come together in this mesmerizing windchime by MessyWorkshop. Featuring handcollected spiny cockle shells, bittersweet clam shells, and other Mediterranean seashells, along with brilliant amethyst stone beads, this chime will invite beachside calmness into your home. Available in my Etsy shop: MessyWorkshop #messyworkshop #islandcreations #handmade #seashellwindchime #amethyst #Mediterranean #beachdecor #bohodecor #seashellwallhanging #walldecor
several plates with designs on them sitting on a table
Tangling on seashells
Sue's tangle trips: Tangling on seashells
many different colored rocks with swirl designs on them
Design Foraging: Objet Trouve by Codor Designs
Cuban Tree #Snails #
a wind chime with blue and white shells hanging from it
28 DIY Coastal Wall Art Ideas
a crocheted dream catcher hanging from a tree with pink flowers in the background
Pastel Rainbow 14 inch Dreamcatcher, Pastel Rainbow Wall Hanging, Pastel Color Crochet Mandala, Girls Room Decor Baby Gift, READY TO SHIP
Bring your boho style room to life with this beautiful mandala dreamcatcher. An intricately crocheted mandala in an ombre cotton yarn in hues of pink, purple aqua blue, cream,and orange is accented with a fringe of teal wool, purple velvet, teal tassel ribbon, and deep pink cotton. It measures 14 inches in diameter and 24 inches from top to bottom. Custom color schemes and sizes are also available. Please contact me for a custom order to match any room in your home.
Crochet Mandala - Free Pattern
Eve - Free Crochet Patterns
Eve - Free Crochet Patterns
the crochet pattern is shown with text that reads,'stuing crochet mandala free pattern '
New Crochets Mandalas Patterns
New Crochets Mandalas Patterns Beautiful and Outstanding Crochet Mandalas Designs And Patterns for Blanket Rug wall hanging ideas #Crochet #Crochetwallhanging #CrochetMadalas
crocheted doily with the words beautiful manual class
Beautiful Mandala CALs – Free Crochet Patterns
Beautiful Mandala CALs Free Crochet Patterns - Free Crochet Patterns