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Pretty DNA art.  DNA Wall Art  Colourful Collage Print Of A by…

Colour Art Print: "DNA Man" - Colourful print of an original collage of a man…

Peter pan.. pixie dust

thumbprint portraits - was thinking this could be a lovely idea for Sunday School, to create together and illustrate being individual but part of a bigger plan Crafts,Crafty DIY-Manualidades,Diy and random,fabric and sew

"maori woman". Auckland. 1880

Studio portrait of Maori woman with moko on chin wearing a blanket. Studio photo by the American Photographic Company (Auckland).

Susan Jury (Huhana Apiata), taken in the 1870s by Samuel Carnell of Napier.

Susan Jury (Huhana Apiata), taken in the by Samuel Carnell of Napier.

Australian photographer Bill Gekas depicts his daughter in the style of master painters

Brilliant idea and beautiful photos: Australian photographer Bill Gekas has photographed his year-old daughter in the clothing and settings of Renaissance Dutch, Flemish and Italian masters.