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there are good things inside you, and the girl is holding a plant in her hand
Everybody has a brain
There are good things inside you♡
iScan Instant Portable Scanner
a drawing of some flowers on a white background
quelques fleurs - lovely delicate embroidery. by roxie
a drawing of some plants with the word lavender on it
little lavender stitchery
Designer Terry Loewen is sharing a perfect weekend stitchery with Create & Decorate readers. Simple stitches and minimal color changes create this sweet piece that may be finished into a framed...
someone is drawing a wreath with black ink
I managed to squeeze in some time to shoot a quick video after all hehe :) here's an exclusive clip of how I imagine and plan #wreaths - I like to think of a concept (here it's autumn and leaves) and then I add details to try to echo that feeling. You know- the crispy leaves, dried crunching sounds when you walk around taking photos of the autumn vibes (lol), pumpkin spice lattes..☕️! This is super messy - just an initial sketch. Will make a proper one for this soon- I call it a CLUST...
a black and white drawing of a bunny peeking out from behind a pole with its nose sticking out