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Going to Germany...and want a few basic etiquette suggestions? Take a look at my list of What NOT to do in Germany... simple Survival Tips for Enjoying German Culture!

nach Deutschland reisen ⛰️🍻

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a woman with red makeup and a black bird on her shoulder, standing in front of a red background
till lindemann❤
a man holding up a mask with a face on it
Till 🤩
#rammstein #Rammstein #TillLindemann
two men sitting on top of each other while one man holds his leg up in the air
Ohnehin verloren bin
« Rammstein Adieu » @ chico_luciani
a cartoon with two signs and a rock in the foreground, one saying it's not easy to get hit by an object
29 Flachwitze, die definitiv besser sind als jeder Gag von Mario Barth
the words are in german and english
Funny Memes, Jokes, Memes Humour, Sigmund Freud, Psychology Humor, German Quotes
Just 19 Absolutely Hilarious Memes About The German Language
a man walking two husky dogs on a leash in the middle of a studio photo
two women with blue hair and piercings are shown in front of a mirrored mirror
Chris Harms
a drawing of a man with a cat on his head holding a snake wrapped around his arm
a painting of a man wearing a pink fur coat and holding a flute in his right hand
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