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Mereana Tongatama

Mereana Tongatama
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Crab Sandwich for beach party theme. These would be so easy to do.whip up some stuffed crescent roll sandwiches, or mini croissant sandwiches and stick in eye ball skewers.must make a batch of eye balls on toothpicks for future use!

Розы и корзинки из ветчины, тюльпаны из помидоров и другие красивые вкусности.

Roses and baskets of ham, tomato tulips and other interesting goodies.

Elephant fruit skewers! I want to do this with hummingbirds instead

Id do: raspberries, blackberries, strawberries, and white seedless grapes. Cute fruit skewers and if displayed like this (or similar), would bring some interest and height to the food table.