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Anman recipe from Spirited Away
three cookies shaped like children's faces on a tablecloth with blue and green flowers
御柚 on Twitter
three cookies shaped like the faces of two boys and one girl with glasses on them
御柚 on Twitter
a hand holding a pink toy with buttons on it's face and eyes, in front of a white wall
まんなたぬき on Twitter
a bowl filled with noodles and chicken on top of a blue tablecloth next to chopsticks
spicy ramen topped with pork katsu
the steps to making an omelet with different ingredients and instructions for cooking them
Japan Lover Me: Photo
a recipe book with an image of a casserole in it and instructions on how to cook
Studio Ghibli Cookbook
four pictures showing how to make an espresso in a mug with cinnamon and sugar
Has anyone tried food from any of the Ghibli movies? I highly recommend the Ponyo drink. - iFunny
an anime character holding a cup and spoon in front of his face with the words pono tea recipe on it
Ponyo tea recipe
there are four different pictures with breads and buns on the same page,
there is a box of milk caramels on the plate next to an anime scene
Caramel Milk (L) Morinaga