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Remember the time when Jungkook mistook the trophy as mic xDD

Everything about kpop

Proud K-Pop fan! Just cause i listen to k-pop doesnt mean i dont like enlgish music -,- i love my one direction but k-pop has more standards and appreciate more. //BTS- Here standing proud

Very descriptive... LOL THE WALKING DICTIONARY! Don't worry Baekhyun, you are not the only one!

OHMYGOSH X'''D this is me in the Korean market with my friends among whom I'm the only one who can read Hangul~ RLAB~ OTL

Lol baekhyun

Once again we have beakhyun and his "unique" ways of wearing a simple set of headphones

101 Korean pop culture words you absolutely MUST know

//side note// i love this hair of sehun XD [gif]

Lol this is for Kris :))

The Kris 15 Year Plan *And he renames Mars EXO Planet in honor of past friends~?

I seriously laughed so hard at the first one...and Suho and kris just....

I seriously laughed so hard at the first one until I got to "no but I did write your name in the death note " 😂


if EXO were on Hello Baby lol Lay always has the funniest ones I lost it at Lay exo scenarios

So true!

This exactly what goes through my mind when people say I am weird for liking KPOP.

'Personal Taste' is one I really need to watch again. I feel depressed now that we don't get any Lee Min Ho for two years so I need to rewatch something of his and this one is amazing!

I wanna see! Personal Taste/Personal Preference, Korean 2010 Tough premise, but love the home they live in.