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roses are on top of an old letter
Displaying Vintage Finds with Craftberry Bush
many old envelopes are piled on top of each other with the same letter in them
Handwritten letters. As much as I love the instant gratification of the computer, a handwritten letter is wonderful.
an old piece of paper with writing and a rose on it, sitting next to some papers
The Best Tips When Writing A Love Letter
Writing A Love Letter
old letters and envelopes piled on top of each other
Ellen's Universe
babywuv: “found a couple hundred unopened letters from the 1950s in an abandoned house. they were all from a man drafted into the army during the korean war writing to his parents but they never opened them :( ”
some pink flowers and scissors on a white surface with one flower still attached to the stems
It's tea o'clock ☕️👀 #brandymelville #brandymelvilleeu #zurich
several old papers with writing on them sitting next to each other, all lined up together
Pink, Decoration, Draw, Dekorasyon, Pretty, Cute, Inspo, Ilustrasi, Girly
a woman with her hair blowing in the wind, wearing a white shirt and earrings
rene, younger.
a branch with pink flowers on it against a white wall
three white umbrellas with fringe hanging from them
two people holding hands with each other in front of a white wall and one person's hand reaching out to the other
there is a white statue with arms outstretched
Sculptures & Statues
@abbygalactic Bridal Hair, Prom Hair, Coiffure Chignon, Chignon, Capelli, Updo, Hairdo, Peinados, Hair Dos
the word sisters written in black on a white background
a pile of papers with writing on them