Millo Summer Outdoor Collection

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two people sitting on bean bags in the grass
Kuata Collection
Inspired by relaxed and carefree coastal living and adding a textured, chunky weave to your outdoor space, this transitional fabric creates a myriad of moods in a palette that pairs well with other items from our outdoor collection.
two blue bean bags sitting on top of a wooden deck next to bushes and shrubbery
Yasawa Collection
A timeless pattern creating a simple symmetrical and sophisticated design; Yasawa offers a small-scale geometric lattice - available in a Duo, Solo, Pebble and cushion for outdoor enjoyment all summer long.
a large green bean bag sitting on top of a wooden floor next to shrubbery
Antibes Collection
Introducing the Antibes Collection, like it's namesake, create your own dreamy destination with Millo.
Millo Outdoor Summer Collection - now available
Spend your summer having a Millo Moment with our Outdoor Collection #millo #millomoment