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Cool lotr factssss O.o

The Fellowship Of The Ring fun facts. I know all of these facts from the behind the scenes of the extended version of LOTR.

~~ 7 Wonders of Middle Earth ~~

The 7 wonders of Middle Earth. All 7 would be on my travel bucket list if Middle Earth existed!

100 Ways to Say Said.

Dialogue Tags: 100 Ways to Say “Said”. I'll use all these dialogue tags eventually.

Will Turner / Orlando Bloom hahahahaha

Will Turner / Orlando Bloom is scared of cameras? I caught another trolling! ~ Samantha Morton Pirates of the Caribbean PotC At World's End aWE Humor lol funny<<< Your Legolas is showing again.

The hot one  #Legolas #LOTR

Orlando Bloom as Legolas in LOTR- This pic really shows Orlando's gorgeous eyes! They're so beautiful << well not orlando's but surely they're gorgeous. Orlando's eyes are naturally dark brown so those are contact lenses

Favourite Elves :)

For Amy Bow down to the greatness that is Thranduil. 19 Reasons Thranduil Is The Real Star Of "The Desolation Of Smaug"

lmao Sams face is that last photo xD #Supernatural #SPN

Sam's face is priceless <--- Well it's not like they had a very good role model