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there is a face on the rock next to two spoons and a cup in front of it
DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture - Part #1
Step by step instructions with pictures to sculpt a huge concrete face mask, Part 2 will include instructions to make the mold and create many!
two cement faces sitting next to each other
DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture - Part #2 Mold Making
DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture Mold - Made By Barb - easy mold making of your face sculpture #Moderngarden
the bell is hanging from the post in the yard
Metal Obelisk Trellis - Foter
Metal Obelisk Trellis - Foter
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with glass beads and other items attached to it
Everyone deserves a perfect world!
stained glass mobile More
two cement faces sitting next to each other
DIY Concrete Face Garden Sculpture - Part #2 Mold Making
a heart shaped leaf on top of a tree stump
Ellis Hollow – Scanner art, gardening, & more
The secret to great leaf casts: use vinyl patio patch rather than straight concrete
a large leaf shaped object sitting in the middle of purple and green flowers with leaves on it
there are many different types of flowers on the wall
Vibrant color and concrete creations. Oh my!! Have to do this!
a blue ball with leaves on it sitting next to a piece of wood that has been carved into it
Oops, there was an error! |
Leaf spheres,with a finish. | - Ornamental Concrete Statuary & Casting Forum
an old bicycle with flowers in the basket
26 DIY Yard Art Ideas - Home Decor Garden Crafts
Creative ways to add color and joy to a garden, porch, or yard with DIY Yard Art and Garden Ideas! Repurposed ideas for the backyard. Fun ideas for…
two pictures with different colored wheels in the grass and one has flowers growing out of it
DIY Garden Art Decorating Ideas Instructions
DIY Bicycle Wheel Garden Art-20 Colorful Garden Art DIY Decorating Ideas. [IF you were a yarn enthusiast, what about weaving yarn patterns between the spokes, then coating or spraying the art with a waterproofing solution? Vinyl? Willow branches?]
a circular metal object hanging from a tree in the woods with blue glass inside it
Landscaping Ideas > GARDEN & YARD ART
I made this sphere from metal strappings that were on barrels. I put a hook in it so the sphere rotates.
four red and white buttons sitting on top of a piece of wood in the grass
30 Amazing Tree Stump Ideas for the Garden
If you are trying to getting rid of tree stumps in your garden, wait. See these tree stump ideas below. You have no idea that you can make so many things out of them.
the garden is filled with green plants and small rocks that look like caterpillars
15 Small Handmade Yard Decorations for Creative Garden Design
garden decorations and beautiful yard landscaping accents