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a large bed sitting in a bedroom next to a tall wooden wall with windows on each side
How to Create Architectural Wall Panels/Moldings – A step-by-step DIY Tutorial
an empty room with a bed in the middle and a mirror on the wall behind it
Inside Arno Brandlhuber’s Potsdam Bunker (Published 2016)
A mirrored wall cordons off the triangular sleeping area; reflected is Anselm Reyle’s ‘’Untitled,’’ a bronze sculpture painted with piano lacquer.
an empty room with white drapes hanging from the ceiling and a bed in the corner
Inside Arno Brandlhuber’s Potsdam Bunker (Published 2016)
In a quaint, bourgeois German town, one architect’s concrete villa stands as a striking — and unexpectedly elegant — reminder of Germany’s Cold War past.
a man is standing in the middle of a room with bookshelves and tables
Photo 1 of 8 in Rock the Boat
a long table with many books on it in front of a bookcase full of books
15 Stunning ways to incorporate your book collections into your home decor — The Entertaining House
the bookshelf is filled with many books
ELLE déco : découvrez les intérieurs des rédacteurs en chef - Elle Décoration
a large room with lots of windows and a piano in the center, surrounded by bookshelves
35 функциональных и красивых способов хранения книг в интерьере